April 27, 2023

Engaging Farmers on good agricultural practices

farmer trainings

In rural agricultural communities, few people have had the chance to gain a formal education or technical training in agricultural best practices. Bukoola Chemicals helps organize and deliver appropriate agricultural extension services to farmers.

As a result of these trainings, farmers:

  • Increase their yields. Learning how to properly utilize inputs can drastically improve a farmer’s productivity throughout the season.
  • Build their skills in garden management. Through training, farmers learn how to better manage both the business and agricultural aspects of their gardens.
  • Earn more income. With significant yield increases, farmers can earn more at harvest and pay their bills in full without straining their household’s cash flow.
  • Improve the local economy. As their farms grow, they also create more demand for products such as fertilizer, pesticides, and irrigation systems, improving the entire agricultural economy.

Good Agricultural practices

These trainings improve farmers’ skills and knowledge in areas such as planting techniques, irrigation, pesticides, crop rotation, and crop storage after harvest. These skills enable farmers to improve yields, protect their crops against weather-related shocks, and smooth their incomes year-round.

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