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Why work for Bukoola

We are known for top quality products and customer based services in the range of exceptional insecticides, fungicides, bactericides, immune boosters, fertilizers, anti-stress chemicals and a number of selective and non-selective herbicides.

To maintain the efficiency of these products, we continuously re-test them to offer you the quality you deserve.

Bukoola Chemical Industries Ltd is an international company with more than 300 team members around the East Africa, and headquarters in Kampala, Uganda.

What’s to Learn?

There’s loads of information and knowledge to keep you updated. Get first-hand experience with an excellent team at the award-winning Bukoola Chemical Industries Ltd.

  • Our Culture: We are all about Crop Protection. With lots of productive research, we come up with world-class products that effectively and efficiently bring out the potential in Crops and plants.
  • Crops and Products: Over the years, Bukoola Chemical Industries Ltd. has found comfort in ensuring protection and security for crops and plants.
  • Environment Protection:Our products are tested in accordance with the Environment Protection Act before they hit the market to ensure they are environment friendly
  • Service Excellence: We have excellent personnel to render support to our customers. This includes teaching them on the different Crop diseases and training on how to prevent and treat them.
  • Corporate Responsibility: We are driven to making the farmers happy. And this we achieve through sustainable development and company operations. Excellent communication through constant and timely feedback has established an unbreakable chain of trust among our customers. Excellent quality, effective and environmentally-friendly products is our culture .