Golden Jubilee

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Amakungulago Celebrations


Celebrate with us as we mark 50 years of service excellence.

Bukoola Chemical Industries Ltd.’s journey started 50 years ago with a mission to advance the science of Crop Protection among farming communities by providing top-quality solution-based products and excellent customer-conscious services.

Bukoola Chemical Industries Ltd has established itself as an industry leader with over 50 crop protection solutions supporting food production in the region.

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Practical Solutions So Far

Farmers must deal with over 70,000 pest species and diseases that damage agricultural crops. Without crop protection, these natural pests would reduce our food supply by around a third. We advance the science of Crop Protection among farming communities by providing top-quality solution-based products and excellent customer-conscious services.

Our philosophy is based on a customer-centric ethical approach hinged on proactive and timely service to all customers and willingness to actively seek feedback regarding service experience.

Solutions for the Next 50 Years

Demand for food is growing at the same time the supply side faces constraints in land and farming inputs. The world’s population is on track to reach 9.7 billion by 2050 of which Uganda has a 0.59%. And then there are increasing environmental pressures, such as climate change and the economic impact of catastrophic weather events, and social pressures, including the push for more ethical and sustainable farm practices, such as higher standards for farm-animal welfare.

All farmers need to have knowledge of the efficient and sustainable use of Agro inputs for higher yields and lower costs by identifying and predicting deficiencies.

The company started as a general merchandise family business in 1973, later evolving into an agrochemical business trading as the Associated Chemical Industries Limited (ACIL) in 1980.

In 1996, Bukoola Chemical Industries Limited was born with a vision of being the Leading importer, formulator, and distributor of quality and affordable crop protection products in the region.

Bukoola Chemical Industries limited works through a robust network of Agricultural input dealers in the entire country to extend services and products to all farming communities including the most remote of the country.

Our distribution system is backed by a Van/truck delivery system on almost all major routes

Client Connection: Ugandans do pay attention. Our Customers the farmers do pay attention and they have been watching us.

Our longevity is a measure of success. Business relationships are based on trust and an Anniversary Presentation demonstrates stability and worth. Hand in hand with an anniversary Bukoola would like to say ‘Thank You’.

Pride for the Bukoola Family: There is a sense of pride and energy associated with the milestone. The Bukoola team now have a theme to rally around and the glow will proceed beyond the year.

Brand Position: Every Farmer would love to see a bountiful harvest from their investments and hard work. They are always looking out for proactive partners in agriculture that can reduce the risk of loss. For this reason, Bukoola Chemicals Industries; through the 50 years celebration will throw out the farmers’ fear and replace it with hope and courage.