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Farm visits

Bukoola Chemical Industries Ltd. conducts farm visits to engage with farmers, understand their needs, provide tailored recommendations, and demonstrate the effective use of our products. By establishing a strong rapport and offering valuable support, we contribute to the success and prosperity of farmers in their agricultural endeavors. To schedule for a farm visit,contact us on our toll free number at 0800 300 803

Free Consultation

We are committed to supporting farmers and helping them succeed. As part of our efforts, we are offering free consultations to farmers who are interested in learning more about best practices, new technologies, and other strategies that can help them improve their farming practices.

  • Our team of experts has years of experience in the agriculture industry, and we are passionate about sharing our knowledge with others. Whether you are a small-scale farmer just starting out or a seasoned professional looking to expand your production, we are here to help.

Agri business visits

We started conducting Agri-Business Visits to observe successful agribusiness operations. We discover factors that influence commodity prices and learn how to manage future price risks. We follow food production from farm to the fork to understand how businesses operate along the supply chain and how consumers interact with the food system.

Agro-input retail network

We also recognize the importance of incentivizing and rewarding our product dealers for their efforts. We implement attractive incentive programs that recognize their sales performance, loyalty, and commitment. These programs may include bonuses, commissions, and exclusive benefits such as training opportunities, priority access to new products, or participation in company events.

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