Cafedak specifically designed to promote healthy growth in Coffee plants. It’s formulation activates the coffee plant by balancing its nutritional demands and by stimulating its natural defense mechanisms. Cafedak also increases the yield and quality of the fruit, and therefore the quality of the coffee in your cup. It’s composition includes a selection of micro elements together with an activating complex.



CAFEDAK: A micronutrient fertilizer pack with a unique bio stimulating effect

1. Provides coffee specific and often times, limited micronutrients your coffee plant needs to give you the best yields you have only seen on another farm
2. Activated Plant defense mechanisms against Coffee Leaf rusts
3. OMRI certified for organic agriculture
4. Reduce fungicide input costs
5. Let your plants defend themselves. CAFEDAK Imparts systemic acquired resistance to your coffee plants
6. Prevents coffe plants from completely losing leaves
7. Prevents severity of disease
9. Top secret ingredient in your coffee IPM program

10. Acts on a wide spectrum of fungal diseases


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