Echo SHP 800-2 Double Wand High-Pressure Sprayer for twice the efficiency. Its comprised of a Vibration-reduction system to operate without fatigue, double-action piston pump, double Wand Semi-transparent tank for controlling the level of chemical products



  1. Displacement: 22.8 cc Maximum
  2. Discharge: 1.5 gal/min & (5.8 l/min)
  3. Carburetor: Diaphragm (w/Purge pump)
  4. Max. Pressure: 356 kgm (25 cm2)
  5. Pump Type: Piston Fuel Capacity: 25.4 fl oz (0.75 l)
  6. Chemical Tank Capacity: 6.6 gal (25 l)
  7.  Dry Weight: 19.8 lb (9 kg)


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