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JEMBE is a water-soluble non-selective herbicide that mixes well with water to be applied as a foliar spray for the control of most herbaceous plants. It is actively absorbed through immature bark and leaves of most plants and trees. Always make sure that only undesirable plants are treated. The visible effect of JEMBE on treated foliage
usually appears at 10 to 14days after treatment but may vary according to weather conditions. APPLY JEMBE to actively growing weeds that are not dormant or under temperature or moisture stress. Weeds controlled include; couch grass, paspalum, Kikuyu grass, wild sorghum, nut sedges, blackjack, pigweed, thorn apple, nightshade e.t.c
Mixing Instructions:
Half fill the spray tank with clean water and add 150-200mls of JEMBE in a 15 to 20 Litres respectively. Mix thoroughly and fill the tank to the required volume.
User Safety Directions:
  • Wash hands before eating, drinking, or using the toilet.
  • Remove clothes immediately if pesticide gets inside.
  • Do not re-use or re-fill pesticide containers.
  • Tripple rinse promptly after emptying

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