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We are exhibiting at the Harvest Money Expo 2023

The 6th Harvest Money Expo has started and we are presenting our crop protection solutions. Since 1973, Bukoola Chemical Industries Limited has remained committed to providing farming communities with the tools and support they need to thrive. We are looking forward to presenting our unbeatable crop protection solutions at the harvest money expo 2023. Don’t […]

Have you ever used KARA before ?

KARA  is a liquid fertilizer balanced in N-P-K, enriched with micro-elements and natural bio-stimulants, with high quality components and fast assimilation, ideal for application, especially by foliar applications. By its application we correct deficiencies and favor notably the aspect of the treated crops, as well as their vegetative development with the increase of photosynthetic activity […]

Supergreen G is available in 25kgs.

Supergreen is a complete and balanced water soluble fertilizer containing both Major and micro nutrients required by any crop for healthy establishment, growth and optimum yield. This booster gives exceptional results when applied during nutrient deficiency spells since it has been specially formulated for rapid absorption and response. Super green comes in 2 major formulations […]

Septoria Leaf Spot

This destructive disease of tomato foliage, petioles and stems (fruit is not infected) is caused by the fungus Septoria lycopersici. Infection usually occurs on the lower leaves near the ground, after plants begin to set fruit. Numerous small, circular spots with dark borders surrounding a beige-colored center appear on the older leaves. Tiny black specks, which are […]